Hi there, I’m Lukas, swiss citizen, nature lover and passionated concert-goer. My addiction to source code is based upon my analytic, abstract and critical thinking. Awakened your curiosity? Have a closer look at my timeline and blog posts below.

All opinions expressed in this blog are mine and are not related to any institution or company I’m related to or blogging about.

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14 Jan 2017 . tech . dog2go - Showcase using VSTS for ASP.NET MVC Development Comments

A sophisticated continuous integration setup is a key aspect for successful and efficient team work within a project. As part of our university studies, we have built an online version of a board game. It is known in Switzerland under the name ‘Dog’, Dutch people call it ‘Keezen’ and Canadians should be familiar with it being named ‘Tock’. The Backend is coded in ASP.NET MVC, the frontend visualization is using the Phaser gaming library and the communication is done over WebSockets, in our case provided by SignalR. It took me quite a while to get it...




Over the past years, I gained profund knowledge in different areas of software and information technology.

RTC Jazz Extension Development

Since 2013, I use Rational Team Concert for Tracking, Planning, Source Code Management and Build Automation. Even more important on this is that I am writing extensions for RTC since then. Using Java, JavaScript and the Dojo Toolkit I’ve created half a dozen of company internal extensions, some of them interact with other internal applications like ClearQuest. I will start to contribute our knowledge back to the community on Github


I have more than a year of experience with ASP.NET MVC, gained with the dog2go project and a Siemens internal application for meeting management and reporting.

Build, CI & CD

I have written build scripts with various build tools (Ant, Maven, MSBuild, Batch, Gradle, Grunt and Gulp). Maintaining Build Infrastructures using JBE and VSTS Build has also been in my responsibility.

University Knowledge

As I’m still studying at University, I have learned a few languages (JavaScript, Typescript, C, Modern C++, C#, Java). Skills in the area of Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Distributed Software System, Algorithms and Data Structures, Software Engineering Practices, Project Management, Leadership, Intercultural Competences and more define my profile.


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